Special Adoptions

Special Adoption can mean 1 of 3 things:


1) The dog is available for adoption with the option of a training class included in their adoption fee, at no extra cost to the adopter. We do this to help ease the transition, and begin the bond between you & your new furry family member. Dogs with this option usually need a little extra training, so we want to be sure that the family receives as much support as possible.


2) We may reduce the adoption fee for dogs that may need a little extra care throughout their life. The dog does not qualify as senior, but may have a disability or a possible ongoing medical issue or concern.


3) We waive the adoption fee entirely. The reason these dogs are in this category is because they are either senior, or have medical needs, that have us uncertain about how long they may have in their new home. This means their forever family will need to be emotionally and financially prepared. We cannot say for certain how long they will be with you, but we can say that these are dogs you won’t regret opening your heart and home to! 

Dogs listed in this category are looking for very special, patient, and loving people