Meet Albert Einstein – you can see where he gets his name from, right?! 

Albert is a total goofball and sweetheart but needs a special home to call his own.  Please read his bio completely before applying or considering adoption.

Albert is about 18 months old, weighs about 45 lbs (he’s all fur!) and is a total sweetheart.  He’s got a lot of puppy energy in him still! He’s affectionate, loves people, tummy rubs, and running, and he also loves to be brushed.  He enjoys the dog park, does well at the boarding kennel, is crate trained and somewhat clicker trained.

Albert does have some resource guarding issues, particularly with other animals around his food dish and high-value treats. Albert does get along well with other dogs but his new family would need to be prepared for the resource guarding. Albert can also reactive on his leash which we are working on and he is making progress with positive reinforcement. Albert’s ideal owner would be someone who has the time and patience to continue to work with Albert on these issues to help him because the best dog he can be!

Because of his food guarding, Albert would do best in a home without other pets/animals and children.  He can be a nervous guy, so needs patience and lots of positive reinforcement.  Albert is eager to please and with consistent training and exercise, will blossom into a wonderful dog.

Could Albert be the one for you?

Breed:  Bearded Collie Mix
Colour: Grey and White
Age: Approx. 18 mos
Size: 45 lbs (medium)
Sex: Male, neutered, up to date on shots, microchipped
House trained: Yes (never any accidents!)
Crate trained: Yes
Loose-leash trained: No
Commands: Sit, down, shake a paw, wait, come (inconsistent)
Dogs: Yes – I love other dogs but I do resource guard around them
Cats: Dog savvy cats are fine but I resource guard with them too
Children: Due to resource guarding, no young children please. Also, sudden and unpredictable movements make me nervous!

Albert can’t wait to meet you!

If you are interested in adopting Albert, please fill out our Adoption Application.