Posted on: June 14, 2018

(aka Bella)

Are you looking for a laid-back gal who enjoys lazing around & belly rubs? Then look no further!

Bella loves to relax and most comfortable settling is quiet settings and large fenced in areas where she can be herself without fear! She is a quiet dog that only barks if spooked/caught off-guard. She also loves car rides, especially if she is able to enjoy an open window & the wind in her ears!

Sadly Belinda had a harsh past and is still regaining her trust in people. She can be skittish in new situations, and with loud noises and sudden movements. As a result, she loves to be in a spot in the house where she feels comfortable and can keep an eye on everything.

Breed: Lab mix
Colour: White with tan markings
Age: 2 years young
Size: Medium, about 30-35 pounds
Sex: Female, spayed, up to date on vaccines, microchipped
House trained: Yes — I will benefit from a routine and crate time when I move into a new home.
Crate trained: Yes, I actually like my own little room, fit for a princess! It is my comfortable place when I am feeling shy and nervous.
Loose-leash trained: Yes — since I have a nervous nature, cars and dogs can make me timid, but I am getting better everyday! I will benefit from continued confidence building & independence exercises.
Commands: I am still working on my basic commands, but I am very smart and learn new things quickly!
Dogs: I am dog selective — I was a street dog/stray so I choose my friends wisely. I know Kayan and we cuddled, so I prefer calm, gentle and respective dogs. I will benefit from a family who knows how to slowly and properly introduce new dogs.
Cats: Yes — All cats that I have been close too I ignore!
Children: Since I am a bit shy and reserved sometimes, young children are not for me. I am looking for a quiet family with patience to gain trust, forget my past, feel comfortable, and come out of my shell!


Am I the girl for you?