Bruno ~ Available for Adoption

Breed: Lab mix
Sex: Male
Age: 13
Size: Medium
Good with people: Yes
Good with kids: No – he would not do well with kids due to his age.
Good with dogs: Yes – calm and respectful dogs only, please!
Good with cats: Unknown.

Adoption fee: $300.00

If you’re looking for a sweet old soul to enjoy life’s leisures with, then Bruno is your guy! At 13 years old, he’s likely to be the sweetest old pup you’ll ever meet. He’s quite the couch potato… but let’s be honest, he’s earned it!

He loves to spend time in the presence of his foster family. Throughout the day he rotates between home offices and likes to squeeze himself under the desks to lay on his foster family’s feet! He’s not overly needy, but loves to be close. But be warned – this old boy farts!

Bruno still likes to show off his excitable, happy side every once and a while. He loves to roll in the grass on walks (if briefly and a bit stiffly!) and loves meeting new dogs. He has shown some excitement when he sees another dog on leash, mainly some barking and pulling to go say hello. His foster family uses treats to help redirect his attention. If another dog initiates play, he’ll sometimes try and join in although he can’t quite keep up if there’s zoomies involved! He would benefit from daily joint supplements as well as hydro or laser therapy to help keep his old bones happy.

He sometimes needs to be convinced it’s time to go outside to the bathroom, but once his foster family gets him out the door he’s more than happy to go for short strolls around the block, provided he’s allowed to sniff around and roll in whatever interesting smells he finds!

Due to his age, both his hearing and vision (at night) is declining. He does however respond well to gestures! His foster family has found that a quick point away to his bed is usually enough to get Bruno to settle down before breakfast and dinner.

He is not crate trained, but is house trained and has not been destructive when left alone. Bruno is incredibly food motivated, and his foster family uses treats to help gain his attention on leash. He walks well, but gets easily distracted by all the interesting smells!

Bruno would do well in either a condo/apartment or attached living as he’s not overly vocal. He’s currently living with another senior, four-legged companion and they do very well together! However due to his age, he wouldn’t especially like living with a young, lively pup.

If this big mellow guy stole your heart just like he did ours, then please feel out an adoption application today! 

Rocky Road Rescue