This 5-year-old husky mix came to us from our partner rescue in Lebanon. Candy is an extremely affectionate, dare we say needy girl who lives to cuddle with her humans. It doesn’t matter if she’s meeting you for the first time or if she’s lived with you for months – if she gets the chance, she will drape herself all over you to make sure you get the message that she wants you to pet her.

Candy is a medium-energy dog who loves to go for walks but tires out relatively quickly. She has good leash manners but forgets herself if she spots a rabbit or a squirrel. She has a strong prey drive and wants to chase any small critter she spots. For this reason, Candy cannot share a home with cats or other small animals. Candy is house-trained and crate-trained. She is smart, well-behaved and eager to please. She hasn’t met many children, but we anticipate she would do well with dog-savvy children. She enjoys meeting other dogs outside but exhibits some resource-guarding behaviour with her toys and treats when there’s a dog visitor at her foster home.

Candy needs a family who will give her plenty of affection. Her separation anxiety has improved significantly during her time in her foster home, but she would still prefer not to be left alone all day. She’s a social butterfly who loves having people around! If you’ve got a lot of love to give and want a dog who will always be at your side (or on your lap) Candy just might be the girl for you!

Rocky Road Rescue