Charlotte ~ Foster to Adopt

This lovely lady is fairly new to care with us and it looking for a foster to adopt family. She is a six year old lab mix and will need to lose a few pounds to help her mobility because carrying around those extra pounds is a lot of work for this gal. Charlotte is looking to be the only dog in your home as she is not a fan of others, big or small. Charlotte is a bit shy at first but quickly bonds with people and loves cuddles and attention.

Charlotte is well trained with a variety of commands and has great recall because she loves her people so much. She is crate trained and house trained and non destructive in the home. Charlotte will need a child free, pet free home, preferably out of the city. A predicable home with not a lot of changes would be ideal for Charlotte as see tends to want to protect her family when anything out of the ordinary happens.

This gal is sure to steal the hearts of her perfect home and although she will need them to work with her, keeping consistency and routine to help her through the first few weeks in her new home, we are confident that she will make the perfect addition to the right home and will work with the right family to ensure that she is her best self.

If you are interested in learning more about Charlotte and working with us on a foster to adopt, please contact us at or complete an application today.

Rocky Road Rescue