Dahlia ~ Adoption Pending

Much like the flower, our girl Dahlia is a symbol of elegance, inner strength, change, and dignity. Due to the heartbreaking state she was found in, Dahlia garnered a lot of attention when she was picked up as a stray. During her time in care, her amazing and dedicated foster parents have done incredible things with her and her coat is slowly growing back in.

Dahlia is an Alaskan Malamute mix and is approximately 8 years old. She is crate trained, house trained and walks wonderfully on a leash. Dahlia is good with other dogs as long as there are proper introductions first and the other dogs are respectful of her space.

Dahlia is a big girl weighing well over 65 pounds but she is a gentle giant. Once her fur grows in Dahlia’s coat will need regular grooming as she is a long coat Malamute and if grooming is not kept up she will develop painful mats.

Dahlia would love if her new home had air conditioning so that she can stay cool in the summer heat and a yard where she can enjoy some leisure time and stretch her legs.

Can you give Dahlia the home she has always deserved?

Rocky Road Rescue