Introducing Finn, a 10 month old Great Pyrenees mix who is full of both energy and affection. This large beauty is looking for a very experienced dog owner who is ready for a smart girl that needs both mind and body worked daily in order to be her best self. She would eventually make an excellent running partner with the right guidance and direction but she needs to learn her place first.

Finn would be an ideal candidate for some training classes and would likely excel if enrolled in agility or a similar activity where she can channel her focus and energy. Finn has some anxiousness when crated and takes a while to settle but crating this girl is a MUST! She is working on getting over her fears of being alone but her forever family will need to be patient and committed to help her overcome them.

Finn can be described as an over-grown puppy and basically a blank slate. She needs reminders that jumping and mouthing are rude. For this reason she is looking for a home with no children under the age of 16. Finn LOVES people and other dogs and is looking for a home with another dog that can give her guidance on what is expected of her and one that can also ensure that she knows her role in the hierarchy.

Finn needs a detached home because she can be a bit noisy before she settles in her crate. She would also do well with a fenced in yard where she can stretch her legs. Finns ideal home will provide a regimented routine which will include scheduled meal times in her crate which currently include her daily dose of anti anxiety medications Given Finn’s specific needs, only experienced dog owners will be considered.

Rocky Road Rescue