Hugo aka Huuughy booogy aka Hughs

Breed: Pointer mix

Colour: white and black

Age: less than a year

Size: 45 lbs

Sex: male, neutered, up to date on shots, microchipped

House trained: Yes

Crate trained: will go in, but whines to get out

Loose-leash trained: almost there

Commands: i am a smart and eager boy, I know my name, come, sit, stay, off and i want to learn a lot more. I can even jump to catch a frisbee !

Dogs: Yes

Cats: N/A

Children: I would be fine with children, but because of my high energy, older ones would be better (8+)

Hi I’m Hugo ! If you are looking for a young, smart pup with a lot of energy, that’s me ! I love running around in the park and chasing whatever toy you bring for me to play with. I don’t always bring it back right away but we can work on that. My foster mom thinks that with a little training I’d be a great off leash partner, I don’t stray too far away from her when I’m on the long leash unless I smell something really really good! About that, I like to smell A LOT of things when I’m outside and sometimes, who am I kidding, MOST TIMES I try to eat it….it all just looks so yummy. So when we’re outside, you should pay attention in case I try to eat something really dangerous or really gross. Because I love to run around, if you have a back yard that would be great, or if you like to go for runs, that would be even better. My foster mom thinks I look quite regal when I run, you should see !

When I’m inside I like to run around almost as much as when I’m outside, so maybe apartment living isn’t for me. I’m slowly learning about quiet time in my crate, but sometimes it’s hard to stay quiet when almost the fun is happening outside the crate. But if I get a good amount of exercise and mental stimulation, I settle a lot faster in the crate. Since I’m so smart and energetic, I think a family that’s willing to dedicate the time needed to drain my energy would work best, agility training would be awesome, if that’s you, let those folks over at rocky road rescue know and maybe we can meet!!

** Please note, Hugo needs a home that will continue with his structure so that he can grow into a well mannered gentleman**

Rocky Road Rescue