Meet old Man Indy – a sweet old man looking for his retirement home!

Indy’s favourite spot is sleeping on the couch. He loves to follow you like your shadow with a wagging tail that only stops when he is sleeping. Initially he marked in the house when he first arrived but has been belly band free for the last week and no accidents in house with a good schedule.

He gets along great with all of my dogs and cats and no interest in our pet rats. He loves to cuddle with my children on the couch. He does like to go for walks and the dog park (but he has only been to the dog park with my dogs). He has not been introduced to dogs outside of our family, but I can’t see that being an issue for him.

Indy is an absolute love bug that deserves to live out his retirement on a comfy couch in the sunshine.

Please Note: As Indy is deaf, he is looking for a home with a fenced in yard.

Breed: Lab x
Age: 14 years
Is your dog good with other dogs: Yes
Is your dog good with cats: Yes
Is your dog good with kids: Yes
Is your dog house trained: Yes, on a schedule
Is your dog crate trained: Will bark at first but settles in ~ 15 minutes
Does your dog have any special needs: Yes, deaf and partially blind
Does your dog have any or display any aggression (toys, food, people): No
Is your dog playful: No
Does your dog like to snuggle: Yes
Does your dog know basic commands: No
Does your dog know any special tricks: No
Does your dog like to go on walks: Yes, short walks
Does your dog have any fears: No
Does your dog have any unique traits you have noticed whether in personality or physically: His tail hasn’t stopped wagging since coming into our home
What are the 3 first words that come to mind when you think of your dog: Cuddly, sweet, loving

Could sweet Indy be the one for you?

If you are interested in adopting Indy, please fill out our Adoption Application.