Are you looking for a little excitement in your life? Something to keep you going, and keep you on your toes?

Meet Isco! Isco is a young guy, 1.5 years old, who has not had the best of luck. You see, Isco was surrendered by his family, and upon exam was found to have bilateral patella luxation, which is most common in smaller breed dogs. In order to make Isco as comfortable as possible, he is scheduled to fix one of the legs, as it is considerably worse than the other, and does require surgery.

Isco will have a journey to recovery, but would like to start the search for his forever home now! His ideal home would have another friendly dog, humans that understand he is still a puppy, and someone who is keen to train using positive reinforcement as a primary. Isco is very chatty, and will have a better conversation with you than most of your neighbours!

Isco has alot of energy, and doesn’t know his physical limitations. He is not a candidate for any agility, however is a great hiking buddy, or good for long walks. He loves toys, but can still be destructive with them, as he is a puppy. Isco is working on his crate training, but sometimes he likes to test the durability of a crate and surprise his humans when they come home but not being in it anymore! He would benefit from some training that would keep his mind going, and tire him out mentally.

If you think you are the ideal home for Isco, please see our adoption application below, or email us at for more information!

Rocky Road Rescue