Meet Kayak – the gentle pup who may or may not be a polar bear hybrid!

Kayak is a sweet and gentle sled dog retiree. He loves cuddling up in his foster mom’s bed, long walks to the park, and open-window car rides (he LOVES the wind). Our little Beef Baby (his nickname!) can be a bit timid upon first meeting a new friend (he can be a bit jumpy or howl out of nervousness), but when he’s ready he will come to you with lots of love. He’s a bit of a lazy boy during the work day – he will sleep and bask in the sun until you get home! But he loves an outdoor adventure, especially trails and parks where he can meet new canine friends.

Kayak is 8.5 years old, but he can still be as silly and excited as a puppy! He’s become very good on-leash and is not reactive to other dogs, cats or humans. He was raised with his sister Arctic, so he’s very good with other dogs being around him or in “his space”.

Although he isn’t “playful” (he looks at toys with confusion and a bit of intrigue), he loves cuddles and under the neck scratches. He also loves being near his family and will often follow his foster parents around the house. Kayak can sometimes be a little nervous around men but this is something we are working on.

Kayak/Beef Baby is definitely not a dog bed kinda guy, preferring the hardwood floor, carpet or his human’s bed over his own. He’s a very simple dog, who will sleep in with you on the weekends and shove his chin into your hand when he wants scratches. He does not mark or have accidents in the house, he does not need to be crated when his family isn’t home (he isn’t the biggest fan of the crate but he doesn’t need it), and we’re working on the leash pulling still but it is VERY mild.

Kayak’s ideal home is one with LOTS of love. He will take a day or two to warm up to each member of the family, but once he does, he is the perfect family dog full of love and a thick coat of fur!

In general, Kayak is a very special and loving boy who deserves an incredible forever family! Could that be you?

Breed: Husky/Malamute mix
Colour: Golden/white
Age: 8.5 years young
Size: Small polar bear (very large)
Sex: Male, neutered, up to date on shots, microchipped
House trained: Yes! (A few nervous accidents on the first day and nothing since!)
Crate trained: No need, this good boy perfectly behaves when left alone out of the crate
Loose-leash trained: Almost completely! Still working on it a little
Commands: Kayak has “selective hearing”, which means he will occasionally come when called, but he probably won’t do a whole lot else
Dogs: Yes! He loves friends!
Cats: Maybe. Kayak has encountered a few outdoor cats and seems indifferent to them
Children: Yes! He can be a bit afraid of them if they approach too quickly, but with time he’s quite the socialite

Add more love into your life with this very special guy!

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