Magoo ~ Medical Hold

Introducing the sweet lovable Shar Pei mix, Magoo! This sweet boy is around 8 years old and is in the market for his forever home! Magoo is overcoming some pretty extreme itchiness which is allergy related. He is on a limited ingredient diet with kangaroo as the protein to try to reduce irritants. He is also taking some medications that are also helping and will likely need them long term. He has shown great progress with the current treatment plan we will need to continue to monitor him through the beginning period of his adoption to ensure things remain on track.

Magoo is crate trained and house trained and is currently working to improve his leash skills. His forever family will want to continue with the work his foster family has begun with him. He gets very excited at the sight of small creatures and when he spots them on a walk he is very anxious to say hello! He also wants to say hello to any other dogs he sees but he can be redirected with a piece of kibble and a reminder to “Watch” his people.

In the home, Magoo is an absolute goof! He loves to wrestle with his people, and will happily roll all over the floor around you while making his very unique ‘Magoo’ noises. He’s incredibly affectionate, and always wants to be nearby his people, preferably physically touching them. Magoo loves to find unwary hands for him to toss onto his head to get pats. He has not been around children while in care but we are confident he would do wonderful with them.

Other dogs are not high on Magoo’s list of potential roommates and cats are an complete no. Although, he has demonstrated that he can contently co-exist with other easy-going medium to large dogs, (especially ladies) he would much rather a home where he can have the people all to himself all the time. Magoo would probably be happiest in a home with more people to call his own than less, as he very much so wants to have the attention of his people as much as possible, even if it’s just sitting beside someone.

If you think Magoo is the one for you, please complete an application to adopt.

Rocky Road Rescue