Meli ~ Special Adoption

Sweet gal Meli has a very special wish this season. Like all dogs in our care, Meli is looking for her forever home, however Meli is looking for a very special family as Meli is a very special girl.

Meli came to us through a partner rescue overseas and has adjusted to life in Canada with ease. Sadly in her younger years, Meli suffered a serious injury to her back leg which didn’t heal well. Meli has learned to get around without using her bad leg, however the manner in which she has been compensating leaves her at risk for other more serious issues down the road. Under the advice of our wonderful vet, she will be undergoing an amputation in the coming weeks.

Our hope for Meli is that she has the opportunity to meet and bond with her forever family before she undergoes such a life altering surgery. We understand the level of work and commitment this will involve from her family and we want all applicants to do their research and ask all of their questions before they commit to such an endeavor. The team of Rocky Road Rescue will support Meli and her family through the surgery and the recovery period and be available however needed. We are committed to Meli and want to ensure that she has everything she deserves while she endures this bump in the road.

Here is what Meli’s foster mom has to say about her : Meli is a very happy and sweet dog. She loves affection and attention, she can’t get enough of couch snuggles. She really wants to listen to you and is very trainable, I’ve found it very easy to set boundaries and teach her things in the house. She doesn’t whine or complain when we leave her alone, but I can tell she doesn’t like to be left by herself. People look at her as a disabled dog, but she is so capable and strong. She happily goes for 3 walks a day, she might not be hiking up mountains but I think after she recovers from her surgery she will be able to go for trail walks and stuff. We’ve even been doing some short running around the block, which she loves. They say she’s ten, but she has the personality and energy of a much younger dog. She has a lot of life and love to give. I work from home in the day and she is also quite happy to just sit beside me or at my feet while I work, she is very relaxed and easygoing. One of my favourite things about her that makes me laugh is that when she’s super happy her tail wags in a circle, 360 degrees. She is very good in the car and loves coming along on adventures. She enjoys being pampered, I brush her everyday and sometimes put coconut oil on her for her skin and she loves it. She is so loving and endearing, we absolutely adore her.

Meli would love a family that is home more often than not, and of course during her recovery, having someone at home with her will be required most of the time. She would be a wonderful addition to any family and has a lot of love to give the people in her life…. the more the merrier!

Meli is house trained and crate trained but she does have a very strong prey drive so no off leash adventures for her. As her foster mentions, Meli does not let her injury slow her down and she would LOVE to run after those squirrels and birds if given the chance. Meli is likely not going to be the best roommate for cats given her prey drive but she would be fine with other respectful dogs.

If you are interested in speaking with a member of our team about the commitment Meli will need, please start by completing an adoption application. Note that only those that are being considered will be contacted.

Rocky Road Rescue