Meet Mickey – your new singing and dancing partner!

Mickey has been loving life in his foster home with his daily sing songs and dance sessions (he loves to be sung to and loves to dance with people!) but he’s now ready to find his perfect fur-ever home.

Mickey’s ideal owners will be someone who is very savvy with dog body language as understanding this is key to Mickey being the best dog he can be. Sometimes Mickey can display behaviours which may make him look aggressive to the unsuspecting person, but really he just wants some attention as he looooves attention (the big suck).

Mickey is a big snuggler and does enjoy spending time with other dogs, as long as they are respectful, of course. Sometimes Mickey can get a little excited with other dogs around which is not always welcome, but this is easily managed with a confident owner. When Mickey is in a bit of a grump, he finds comfort in his covered crate and easily settles himself down.

Mickey would be happy in a home with or without other dogs, as long as his new owners are able to keep an eye on his body language and comfort levels if he is sharing his new home with another furry pal.

Other than that, Mickey is house trained, crate trained and fully up to date in the latest doggy snuggle strategies. All he needs now is someone to love him and give him his new forever home!

Could Mickey be the one you share your kitchen dance floor with?

Breed: Shepherd mix
Colour: Tan
Age: Approx. 7 years old
Size: Large – but I could do with losing a few pounds!
Sex: Male
House trained: Yes
Crate trained: Yes
Loose-leash trained: Working on it (does well using a training tool)
Commands: Sit, stay, down, come
Dogs: Yes, if they are respectful
Cats: Not sure
Children: Not sure

If you are interested in adopting Mickey, please fill out our Adoption Application.

Rocky Road Rescue