Nitro ~ Updated Bio

Nitro and his foster parents have been putting in a lot work to help him live his best life and now he is really hoping that his forever family is ready to bring him home.

Breed: Husky mix Dogs: Maybe (read below) Cats: No thank you! Kids: Older dog savy kids Backyard: Yes please! Age: 2

Nitro is still looking for his forever home! We don’t know why this gorgeous loveable guy has still not found his perfect family. Nitro is your typical high energy husky that requires lots of stimulation and exercise to keep him happy. He is a sweet, affectionate boy who loves to play fetch. Nitro can do many tricks, including paw, sit, down, off, watch, up, and wait (working on come and give). He loves car rides and will stick his head out the window any chance he gets.

Nitro knows his name but is still working on recall in stimulating settings. He loves people and wants to be included in activities because he is always searching for pets, belly rubs, and treats. He’s food motivated and non-destructive inside the house. Nitro loves spending his days outside watching the neighbourhood squirrels or playing games with his foster family, but he would also be quite content sitting beside you on the couch. Nitro walks well on a leash but is a natural husky puller. His family will need to continue to work with him on his leash manners. He is highly scent driven and likes to follow paths sticking his nose deep into the trail. He needs regular walks and outside time to exhaust his energy.

Nitro is curious with all dogs he sees and sometimes will react by being vocal or jumping/pulling. His new family will need to continue his socialization and behavioural training to ensure his progress is kept towards lowering his reactions to other dogs. Nitro has a high prey drive and is not suited to a home with any other small animals (cats, small dogs or anything smaller than him). Nitro would do very well in a home with no other dogs, however he may be ok in a home with a larger dog that is more of an alpha and can help Nitro learn the ropes.

Nitro will need lots of space to run and explore and will need an active home that will take him on runs or hikes and can give him lots of play time and enrichment activities. Nitro is not suitable for apartment living. The ideal home for Nitro would be in the country or will have a large fully-fenced backyard that will allow him to run around.

This beautiful boy has waited patiently for his forever famiy. If you think Nitro might be the dog for you, please fill out an application.

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