Onix ~ Foster to Adopt

Introducing Onix, a special guy looking for a special home! Onix is a 3 year old Greyhound mix who is looking for a foster to adopt home. Onix has some separation anxiety, which is portrayed as extreme fear of his crate. His ideal family would be home more often then not and have experience dealing with dogs with anxiety. Onix is non-destructive out of the crate when his person is home. He enjoys some snuggle time or to chill on the couch and watch tv.

Onix will need daily high impact exercise along with lots of calmness exercises. He has very high energy and not working physically causes his mind to raise and his anxiety to skyrocket so he needs to learn what to do with himself during the down times. We would love to see Onix enrolled in some agility classes where he can challenge his mind because we feel that will also help ease his fears. Onix grows attached to his “person” and has trouble sharing their affection so although he gets along great with other dogs in small doses, he will do best as an only dog in the home.

Onix is very smart and incredibly trainable. He has some struggles giving up prized possessions so he needs to continue working on “trading” items.
Our team will provide support through the foster period and will help to connect the foster family to the appropriate community supports such as trainers and behaviour management techniques and other methods of support.

Onix needs a home with someone who is willing to invest a lot of time and patience and who is ready to commit to him. He needs a detached home because he is noisy at times of stress. He should also be placed in a home without young children due to his size.
If you are interested in a foster to adopt with Onix please complete an application.

Rocky Road Rescue