Pablo (Escobark)

Breed: Chow/Cattle Dog Mix
Colour: Tan with White Markings
Age: 4 years old
Size: Large
Sex: Male, neutered, up to date on shots, (will be) microchipped
House trained: Yes
Crate trained: Yes, but sometimes I decide I’m too smart to stay inside it
Loose-leash trained: Yes
Commands: Sit, stay, down, come (I really like to learn and do things to please my human–and of course get treats!)
Dogs: Yes, but not a dog park dog. I need proper introductions with dogs who are respectful.
Cats: Yes, but they do make me excited. I have not lived with a cat, and only met them on leash.
Children: Not sure

Pablo, AKA Pablo Escobark– Eager to please, work and learn. Pablo meets most new situations with excitedment, however he can be wary of meeting strangers who rush is space, same goes for dogs who meet him rudely in this manner. Pablo enjoys naps, belly rubs, playing ball, food, walks, and playing ball– did we say playing ball? Pablo has a drive to work and learn, and his current fosters are helping his drive using a flirt stick, and increasing his basic obedience. Pablo would be a great agility, scent/barn hunt, rally obedience or just trick dog. He sit is intense (drop it like its hot?), and he will wait for his reward once he does it.

Pablo is crate trained, but will take time to adjust in a new environment, and if he is not getting the stimulation and structure he needs, he will make it apparent when he is crated (noise and breaking out of the crate are two of his favourites). Pablo is generally non-destructive, however has been known to grab a tissue (maybe he was congested?).

Pablo currently walks on a prong/pinch collar, and is a very well mannered gentleman. A man on a mission, Pablo can ignore most things when on walks, and definitely walks with purpose. He can get distracted when other animals enter his space while on a walk, so we would say no meetings while enjoying walks would be best.

The ideal home for Pablo? Owners with some dog experience that are able to be firm (not in handling, but in tone) and consistent (not a pushover), who want to work with him (he is very smart and trainable). Likely no small children, or other dogs unless they are extremely relaxed/dog-savvy. A Moderate activity level, he loves to play and is easy to wear out using a flirt stick or chasing balls, but also loves exploring new areas and so should still get regular walks. Best in family without dog allergies, shedding is moderate to high (very dense undercoat). Could potentially be a great apartment dog, assuming the owner can exercise him mentally and physically enough. He is fine being left locked in a room for a full 8-hour work-day, especially if a window is available(cat TV), would hesitate to give run of the entire house right away as it may enhance his guarding instincts (cattle-dog and chow mix).

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