Puppies!!! (Eggo and Potter)–ADOPTION PENDING

Meet Eggo (dark) and Potter (cream)! Two of Ocean’s Nine – a litter of pups birthed in care by mumma Ocean who came to us from northern Ontario.

Is your family / household willing and able to house-train these sweet pups?

Do you have experience or knowledge regarding crate training? This is a key tool for house training and also ensures the safety of growing, teething puppies, as well as everyone else in the home (whether they be 2 or 4 legged!).

Are you willing and able to enrol in puppy training classes to ensure proper socialization and manners? When raising a puppy, you accept full responsibility for their future behaviours – good or bad!

Do you understand that there may be accidents, noise (barking, crying or whining), and chewing?

Do you and your family / household understand the financial responsibility of owning a puppy?

If you answered yes to all these questions, then Eggo or Potter may be the pups for you!

PLEASE NOTE: Puppy adoption fee = $500. They will receive their 1st round of vaccines, deworming, their microchip, and their spay/neuter at the appropriate age. The adoptive family will be required to attend the spay/neuter appointment, at the agreed upon date, at the rescue’s vet. Their 2nd and 3rd rounds of vaccines are the financial responsibility of the adoptive family and proof of completion is required prior to the rescue booking the spay/neuter.

Rocky Road Rescue