Introducing Summit! This 9 year old Husky mix is a recently retired sled dog who is learning the ways of life in the big city! Summit has decided that he loves head massages, cheek scratches and body rubs! He is so sweet and gentle. He loves saying hi to other dogs of all sizes and will actually cry when he doesn’t get a chance to do so. Summit has medium to high energy levels and when he sees you’re about to take him for a walk, he gets excited – doing little jumps and smiling.

Summit is house trained and well behaved in the house however he recently showed some signs of anxiety or boredom when he was left alone for a longer period of time. Summit has a high prey drive, making homes with cats or other small creatures a definite NO. Summit is still working on his leash skills and his forever family will need to continue to help him learn not to pull.

Summit would love a home with a fenced in yard of his own where he can run and play. A home where someone is there more often than not is ideal for Summit and because he gets vocal when left alone, a detached home is best for him. He would love to find a home with another dog but a home that allows him regular interactions with another dog would also be great!

Is Summit the dog for you?

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