Wolf and Costaud ~ Bonded Pair

Brothers, Wolf and Costaud are 12 year old husky mixes and retired sled dogs. They have spent their whole lives together and they rely on each other for comfort and support. For this reason, they will remain a package deal and be adopted to their forever home together. They do, however, have their own personalities, but you are sure to love them both!

Wolf, the larger of the two boys, is a shy and gentle guy. He will come around on his own terms but is more of a wallflower at the beginning. He tends to hang back and let Costaud test the waters first. Wolf is an early riser who enjoys a good morning play session with is best buddy. He also thoroughly enjoys rubber chew toys and tennis balls. When he is ready for some alone time, he will head to his crate and lay down. He enjoys his own space so a crate in his new home is a must for him…. even if the door doesn’t get closed. Thankfully, Wolf doesn’t complain when Costaud climbs in to snuggle him…. because it happens a often.

Costaud is the more outgoing of the two and loves to introduce himself to anyone and everyone he meets. Costaud has some arthritis and can’t handle too much strenuous activity; although he really does want to partake so shorter walks are ideal for Costaud to prevent him from overdoing things. He does have the more carefree personality of the two and is generally the one to initiate play with his brother. If he has too much freedom and not enough monitoring he has been known to chew things like shoes or books so he should be crated when no one is home to keep an eye.

Theses boys would do best in a home with a fenced yard were they can run around and play together. A home where someone is home more often than not would be ideal, and someone who doesn’t want to sleep late as these boys are early risers and will let you know when they are awake and ready to start the day. And finally, someone patient who will allow Wolf to come around on his own schedule. Do these boys sound like what you have been looking for?

Rocky Road Rescue