Breed: Black doodle
Age: 5 months old
Energy: High puppy energy
✅Dogs, likely good but doesn’t currently live with any
❓Cats, untested
✅Housetraining, a work in progress
✅Crate training, a work in progress
❓Kids, untested
Medical: Needs to be spayed (this is covered by the rescue)
Status: Accepting applications

Phoenix is a happy puppy who loves chasing birds, enjoys watching people play sports and will bark at her reflection in the mirror or windows. She is very sweet, loyal, funny and protective! Phoenix enjoys brain games and learning new tricks.

She is still learning her puppy manners such as not barking at random noises in the house or pulling on the leash. She jumps up on people when they come home or when meeting them for the first time, as she is very excitable. She also loves to chew so having several other tough, durable chew toy options for her is a must.

Phoenix’s personality is coming out more every day. Her perfect home would be a loving one, with patience and time to train her and get the puppy beans out of her system. Older or dog-savvy kids only, as Phoenix loves to greet her loved ones and new friends by jumping up!

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