Ashika | Accepting applications

Breed: Unknown mixed breed (possible hound mix?)
Age: 8 years
Size: Medium
Energy: Medium
Dogs: yes (with slow introductions)
Cats: unknown
Kids: yes (older may be better due to her habit of jumping up with excitement)

This sweet, gentle and loving girl has come to Ottawa from Lebanon and is sure to steal hearts. Ashika loves to be close to her human(s) and will snuggle in as close as possible once she bonds with you. Should you need to leave the room, or your residence for any duration of time, she will greet you upon return with her eager thumping tail. This girl has stress-melting powers!

Ashika is crate-trained and housetrained and very quiet and well-behaved whether in her crate or loose. She enjoys having a special comfy spot to call her own and retreat to. She walks very well on leash with the odd bit of pulling if she catches the scent of something interesting. She enjoys time outside for walks and has good energy to join on outdoor adventures. A yard or proximity to a park would be great for Ashika but are not essential as long as she gets her daily walks. She has the tendency to jump up when she gets excited, but this is improving with correction. We therefore advise caution around small children as she could knock them over with her exuberance.

She is friendly with other dogs, but slow introductions are recommended particularly if there are other dogs in her forever home. Ashika would also thrive as an only pet given her desire to love and be loved by her human(s).
Do you have room in your heart and home for this endearing little sweetheart?

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