Puppy Adoption

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Ideal Home

  • A family that is able to house-train (this requires positive reinforcement — treats or praise — for going to the bathroom outside, which requires patience and someone home every 2 hours, then 3 hours, and so on until their bladder is capable of holding for a full work day).
  • Experience or knowledge to crate train (this is a key and very important tool for house training & safety for growing, teething, puppies!).
  • Someone willing to do puppy classes for proper socialization and teaching manners, or someone experienced with raising a puppy (when you raise a puppy, you accept full responsibility for their future behaviours — good or bad!).
  • A family who understands there may be accidents, noise (barking, crying or whining), and chewing!
  • Last but not least, someone who understands the financial responsibility of puppy check-ups, shots and spay/neuter.


  • A puppy adoption fee is $750 – they will receive 1st vaccines, deworming and be spayed/neutered by the rescue at the appropriate age. (The adoptive family will be required to attend the spay/neuter appointment at the rescue vet; please ensure you make travel arrangements where necessary).
  • Visit our Adopt page for details regarding the adoption process.
  • Wondering what it takes to raise a puppy? Visit our Learn page for the inside scoop!

If you have any other questions, please email us at adopt@rockyroadrescue.com.

If you are applying for a specific puppy, please state this in your application.

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