Breed: American Spitz
Age: 2 years old
Medical: Needs to be spayed. This is covered by the rescue. Poor teeth hygiene. Will need daily brushing.

Size: Small (currently 15.6lbs)
Energy Level: Medium to high
✅Dogs. Prefers all of her human’s attention so best as an only dog at home.
⚠️Kids. Older only and need to respect her space.

Adoption Fee: $750

Meet Betty! Formerly a puppy mill mamma, this spunky little lady is loving her new found freedom. She has a serious case of the zoomies and will zoom in the morning and right before bed in the evening. It may just be the cutest thing you’ll ever see.

Betty is discovering new hobbies and so far loves the outdoors, hiking, swimming, car rides, and standing on her hind legs. Betty may be a good candidate for agility. Her ideal family would be an active one.

Betty likes meeting other dogs and is currently living with two retired sled dogs. She does, however, prefer to have her human to herself. She will bark for attention and has displayed jealousy towards the other dogs in the house. Betty would be best as a single pet but she may be compatible with a dog who doesn’t need/want physical affection. Because of the fact that Betty can be vocal and has a high, sharp bark when she is, apartment living is not for this gal. She is crate trained with a wire crate but will occasionally bark.

Betty likes her cuddles but is not a fan of being picked up or carried. She does prefer women over men and is still working through anxiety around the latter. She is initially shy with strangers so patience and respect for her space is a must.

If you have the time and energy to keep up with our life-loving Betty, apply today!