Breed: Husky
Age: 10 years old
Size: Medium. 54lbs.
Energy Level: Medium to high

Medical: Worn down teeth. Swelling in one knee/Evidence of a previous ACL tear that healed by itself. Needs to be neutered, paid for by the rescue. Dewormed and vaccinated. As Billy is a senior dog, adopters must be committed to providing all necessary medical care that would occur in the coming years.

Grooming: Billy needs regular grooming. He had to have his tail shaved due to mats.

Dogs – Yes!
Cats – Yes!
Kids – Yes! Older only please as Billy likes to jump up, run around, and sit on people.

Adoption Fee: $750

A living teddy bear, Billy has the striking good looks of a husky and the personality of a lapdog. He loves to cuddle. Whether he’s with his foster parents or a person he just met, he won’t hesitate to lie down on top of the nearest human to get the scritches he deserves. He greets everyone with an endearing, goofy smile.





This retired sled dog is 10 years old, but you wouldn’t know it from looking at him! Billy has a lot of energy and loves to go for walks, roll around in the snow, and chase his toys around the house. He can be as bouncy as a puppy. While he is not at all aggressive, Billy  likes to chomp hands and feet to play so his adopter must be comfortable working with this behaviour.






Since he is new to the indoor dog life, Billy has some habits that his adopters will need to work on. He doesn’t understand why he can’t help himself to any human food left within his reach. His leash skills are a work in progress. He’s a strong boy and tends to pull on the leash.




Billy shares his foster home with a small dog and two cats. He is gentle with all of them and doesn’t exhibit any resource guarding or aggressive behaviour. He just wants to be everyone’s friend.








If this handsome boy sounds like your perfect match, fill out an adoption application today!