Bronx · Accepting applications

Breed: Mixed Mutt
Age: 1.5 years old
✅Dogs. Slow introductions a must!
✅Cats. Slow introductions a must!
✅Crate trained
⛔ Kids
Status: Accepting applications

Bronx is a very nervous mixed mutt from Lebanon with lots of adorable quirks. He likes getting his nose honked and prances like a horse when he walks. He is “a collector” of shoes, slippers, toys – anything he can get his paws on – and will hide them in his crate for later. He is also a new and really big fan of snow. ☃️

His adoptable family will need to be aware that he is a very nervous dog and work with him to build his confidence and trust. It is because of this nervous nature, that we would recommend no children. Bronx will need to be introduced slowly to new people, other dogs and new situations/surroundings. His crate is his safe place. 癩

Once Bronx is comfortable, his true personality starts to shine. He smiles around you, plays with you by bouncing in circles, and likes to put his little head on your lap to get pets. And as his foster says, “he has a twinkle in his eyes that will melt your heart.” ✨

Bronx’s perfect home would be in a quieter neighbourhood or in the country, with a fenced yard to romp around in safely, as he gets scared when cars pass by and is generally a nervous fella. A family with no kids and the patience to help Bronx learn how to trust and how to come out of his shell is ideal. 

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