Coco | Accepting applications

Breed: Maltese
Age: 9 years
Size: Extra small
Energy: Low – Medium
Special Needs: Someone home more often than not!

Meet Coco the Cuddlebug! This little guy LOVES people. He’s been calm and affectionate with everyone he’s met while in our care. His top priority in life is being around his humans, whether that means going for a walk in the park or dozing next to them on the couch while they watch TV. He greets people with his trademark toothy grin and lots of snuffling and sneezing.

The flip side to Coco’s loving nature is his separation anxiety. He hates being left alone, even if it’s just waiting outside a cafe for a few minutes while his foster mom gets coffee. He barks almost constantly when he’s home alone. He’s definitely not a candidate for apartment living!

Coco is housetrained but not crate trained. He hates the crate, since it prevents him from being close to his humans. He shares his foster home with another small dog, who he gets along with, and two cats, who he mostly ignores. When he meets other dogs on walks, he’s usually polite. Sometimes he will try to hump them to make it clear that his small size doesn’t stop him from being top dog. He walks well on leash. He’s pretty good off leash, but needs the occasional treat to reinforce his recall training.

Coco’s ideal forever home is one where there are people at home most of the time. Someone who will let him sleep in bed with them is a definite plus. He can live with other animals, but wouldn’t mind being the only pet in the house and getting all the attention and love for himself!

If you need a sweet, loving little guy in your life and don’t mind a bit of clinginess, fill out an adoption application today!

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