Breed: Golden doodle
Age: 5 months old
Energy: High puppy energy
✅Crate trained
Medical: Needs to be neutered (this is covered by the rescue)
Status: Accepting applications

Falcon is a 4 month old doodle who gets along really well with anyone he meets: dogs, cats, kids and strangers. He is very gentle with new people and will sit to observe before joining in. He is a very good boy.

He has lots of puppy energy to burn yet still naps about 4 times a day and wants to snuggle with you on the couch. He’s good on leash, and even likes to pretend to be walking himself, with his leash in his mouth. He looks like a real life stuffed animal – how could you ever get annoyed with this sweet face?

Of course, as a puppy, Falcon is still learning his manners, such as not to bark when people come to the door and not to counter surf when his fosters aren’t looking. He will need regular grooming to keep his fluffiness under control, but otherwise is an easygoing, happy fella. A cat or another dog in the home would be fine, as long as they are puppy-tolerant.

Falcon would do best with a medium-activity home and with families with kids six years and up. Ideally one person works from home or there is a dog-walker to help tire him out.

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