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Breed: Husky. Age: 7 years. Size: Medium. Energy: Medium ✅Dogs. Play dates only please! I prefer getting all the attention at home. ✅Kids. 12+ & dog-savvy only please! ❌Cats.

Coming all the way from Lebanon, Fang is now looking for his forever home in Canada. He has the sweetest personality and is all poof! He greets everyone with a wag and almost never barks (unless you’re eating meat without sharing). Fang is friendly and polite with dogs but has displayed some resource guarding of items when the other dog does not respect his space. Toys & food should be appropriately managed. No cats please! 

He loves to explore new places and goes for long walks with his foster family. Fang does love to mark so he should initially be kept on leash when in a new environment. A belly band is a great tool to help with this!

Fang is a quick learner & a bit mischievous, so he’ll occasionally keep his foster family on their toes. He LOVES eating Kleenex and will find it in the most random of places. Distracting him with another item will help you get said kleenex back. Fang does not love his crate and takes a while to settle but is not destructive when left at home (just hide those socks and kleenex). Fang’s ideal family is one that would continue working on his training.

When not out for long walks, Fang likes to relax. Rather cuddling, he shows his love by checking in on his humans once and a while but is otherwise content to hang out by himself. He does however, love belly and chin scratches. He is described as a low maintenance dog by his foster family. 

To keep this poof looking his best, regular brushing and occasional grooming are necessary but don’t worry! Fang is well behaved in both a bath and a car.

Does Fang sound like the dog for you? Apply today!

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