Foxy · Pending meet & greet

Breed: Golden Shepherd
Age: 2 years old
✅ Dogs
✅ Cats
✅ Housetrained
✅ Crate trained
✅ Kids: older, dog-savvy
Status: Accepting applications

Hi there! I’m Foxy and I’m definitely one-of-a-kind. My goofy and awkward nature is why I’m known as THE drama queen, but it keeps my foster mom entertained and I’m really proud of that.

When I’m not jumping around flailing my arms out of excitement or being weirded out by shadows or mysterious noises that need barking at , I’m usually very content napping the day away – unless you mention snacks, then you have my FULL attention. What can I say? I’m a girl who appreciates her luxuries in life.

I like to attach to my human like velcro. If you’re on the couch, I love to curl up next to you like a potato and bat my eyes for more pets. Any form of pets and attention is greatly encouraged by me. In fact, you don’t ever have to stop.

I’m pretty good on leash but still working on reducing my zig-zagging dance moves when excited or pulling when startled/nervous. Most loud noises scare me so using a leash and slip lead is probably best. Talking about walks – I like them long and especially in the forest or zooming around by your side in the park.

I’ve occasionally shown resource guarding with food & I struggle with stranger danger, so my forever family will need to work on this with me. No one’s perfect, right? (Except me, I’d like to think I’m pretty close).

I love my crate when feeling overwhelmed and sleep in it at night. I also know my basic commands, such as “bedtime”, “No”, and coming when called. Oh, and did I mention I like to snuggle?

And not to keep bragging (ok, maybe a little), I’ve made enormous strides in my confidence thanks to my foster mom. I may seem standoffish at first but if you give me time to decompress and with slow introductions to new spaces and people, I will reward you with my true sweet and goofy personality!

I thrive with routine and consistency, and would do best in a quiet home with humans who are home more often. Are you a patient family willing to help me come out of my shell and would love a silly girl who will make you laugh all day? Then, pick me! Pick me!

Rocky Road Rescue