Jack | Accepting Applications

Age: 2 & a half years.                                   Breed: Husky mix.                                 Energy Level: High.                     Special Needs: Jack is very smart, so he will needs lots of mental & physical stimulation.                                ❓ Dogs. Jack LOVES other dogs but needs a firm owner who will teach him how to properly interact.                 ✅Kids. Older only, please! Jack is a tall, bouncy guy.                                        ❌Cats. Jack loves to chase.      

This former sled dog is sweet and cuddly in the mornings. Later in the day, though, he’s full of energy and moves at 100 miles per hour! We don’t typically ask for this, but he will definitely need a fenced yard. He would love to join his humans on runs, hikes, or any kind of physical activity. He has bikejored before & would be a great candidate for other dog sports!

Jack enjoys all kinds of toys, but his favourites are tennis balls and puzzle games. He’s a smart boy, so it’s important to challenge his brain. He loves belly rubs, ear scratches (especially ear scratches) and naps on the couch. This loyal dog loves his foster mom and wants to be involved in everything she does. He is best suited for a family in which he will be brought along for adventures!

Crate training is still a work in progress. He cries when he first goes into the crate. However, his foster mom has left him uncrated several times while he was home alone and he was not destructive. He is house-trained. He walks well on leash, but if he sees a squirrel or another dog, he gets very excited and tends to pull. 

Jack is a goofy boy who will keep you laughing! He knows sit, down, paw, other paw & is working on more commands. He occasionally gets mouthy and will play nip when very excited, so he’s learning how to wear a muzzle!

Does Jack sound like the perfect fit for you? Are you an active person who could help this happy boy channel his energy? Please fill out an adoption application today!

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