Jude · Accepting applications

Breed: White husky
Age: 8-10 years old
✅ Dogs
✅ Kids
✅ Housetrained
❌ Crate trained
👀 Cats: Work in progress
🦷Medical: will need dental extractions (the rescue is covering this expense)
Status: Accepting applications

Hi! I’m Jude and looking for my forever family to spoil me with love and cuddles for the rest of my years.

I stand out with my snow-white fur and near-constant smiles, but I’m most importantly known for my famous toe-tapping and head waving dance. I love to do this dance when I’m excited. Doesn’t that sound like a nice way to be greeted when you come home?

I prefer my canine companions calm and not too bouncy. I have a hard time settling down around cats – in fact, my manners kind of fly out the window – but with time and effort and the right cat, I could learn to share my space. Talking about sharing…I’m also working on occasional resource guarding with my dog friends when I’m eating. I hear this is pretty normal for rescue dogs, so I’m hoping to find someone willing to work with me on this.

Back to how lovable I am? I recently found out I LOVE snow!! I love to roll around in it and make snow angels. I’m friendly with other dogs and kids of any age. I’m housetrained, have low energy, I’m a dream on a leash and am even an angel on car rides. 😇

Because of my age, my dream home would be one with limited stairs. I’m also looking for humans who are generous with the head scratches and belly rubs and who will take me on lots of walks… I LOVE going on walks… in fact, my foster family says my adorable happy dance can get anyone excited about walking!

Interested in adopting me? Please fill out an application!

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