Breed: Shepherd mix
Age: 10 years old
✅Dogs – slow intros
✅Kids 5+ or dog savvy kids – he loves them, he’s just clumsy
❌Crate trained
Status: Accepting applications, no adoption fee due to compassionate adoption status

Lance wants to cuddle on your lap on the couch or look up from his dog bed with big I-love-you eyes. He is a total heart-stealer and ladies man. However, his one true love is a chewy, squeaky rubber ball: one that he can happily chew on for hours…or for however long they last with his german shepherd teeth.

Lance is a tripod who is missing his front left arm, who also has a shattered left hip that will never fully heal (the vet surgeons did everything they could). You may recognize him from our “Toonie Tuesdays” posts as he has had two surgeries while rescued by Rocky Road to fix this hip problem, along with months of physio/hydrotherapy and rehabilitation.

He will likely need Metacam for the remainder of his life and would greatly benefit from hydro/laser therapy as well as pain medication as needed. He is not a huge fan of slippery floors and would love to have a home without many stairs (or no stairs at all) so he can be your little shadow. His main hang out area should have carpet/rugs to help him get safely to and from where he wants to be. He needs a puzzle bowl to slow down his meal times and he is too clumsy to be crated, but is a perfect angel when his fosters are at work.

Despite his medical issues, Lance is quite mobile and doesn’t let anything hold him back from living life to the fullest. He enjoys being part of the group when something exciting is going on and he is a happy boy who loves to dance during meal times. He’s great on leash and hops along happily by your side. He doesn’t go on any walks (due to his disability), but he loves to explore fenced yards and has great recall. On travel days, he uses a “Help Em Up Harness” which helps get him in and out of the car where he’s a calm passenger. Need a date to the drive-in movies? Lance is your guy.

When his humans get home, Lance is the most excited. He typically greets you at the front door with a wagging tail and a hop, and always with loud shrieking demonic sounds. Yup…his demonic moaning/screaming may startle you at first, make you laugh second, and then somehow, melts your heart. He’s truly one of a kind.

Lance used to be a bit of a resource guarder (with other dogs only), but he has come a long way in the 6 months he’s been with his foster family where he’s learned to share with 3 other dogs! He allows the resource to be taken away no problem and seems to understand the reason why. He is very good at waiting his turn for a treat/his dinner, switching toys with a dog friend, and is a great listener/easily trainable.

An ideal home for this good boy would be one where he is the only dog. He has had a hard life and craves (and deserves) all the attention from his humans, as much love as you can offer him. He would love a home where he doesn’t have to share his toys, squeaky balls or dog beds – but he will if he has to. He is a very gentle, sweet, loving soul who needs a family who will be patient with him and his medical requirements, who will cuddle him on the couch, and who will give him boat loads of chewy balls to enjoy daily.

If this demon-shrieking, balls-loving tripod sounds like your new best friend, please fill out a no-obligation application today!