Lexa · Accepting applications

Breed: Husky mix
Age: 1 years old (2 in January)
❓Cats: Unsure
❌Crate trained
✅Kids: yes, but she might be a bit jumpy
Status: Accepting applications

You may have seen me on the internet already…as Rocky Road Rescue’s “Parkour” Dog! And if you did, you will see that I am quite talented at jumping, running, doing flips and basically anything that combines high energy and athleticism! I still consider myself a puppy after all!

It’s really important to me to have another playful dog in my forever home. I make friends easily with other dogs and I’m really loyal once I’ve found my mate and will spend most of my days by their side cuddling and playing. This also helps me manage some of my separation anxiety. Do you have another dog looking for a best friend? I might be the one!

When it’s not playtime, I do love to cuddle in bed by your feet or on the couch with my humans and dog bestie. When I’m especially happy, my whole body wiggles with my tail.

I really hate the crate even though my foster family has been trying to work on it with me. I’m non-destructive so hoping my new family is okay with not crating. I don’t bark or cry when left home alone but I will sleep at the door waiting for my humans.

I can be a bit picky where I go to the bathroom, so a backyard would be great for me as I hardly do my business on a leash. Although my recall is horrible, I love to run long and wide, so fenced dog parks are my favourite.

Do you have a dog looking for a bestie and time/appreciation for a high-energy parkour dog? Then I’m your gal!

Rocky Road Rescue