Lexi | Accepting applications

Breed: Husky Age: 9 months Size: Medium. ✅Dogs ✅Cats. ✅Kids. Older & dog savvy only, please! Medical: None Special Needs: As Lexi has displayed separation anxiety, she will need to continue crate training and will need an owner who is home more often than not.

Lexi is an affectionate and playful girl with lots of energy! Her favourite activities include chewing on sticks, playing with her ball, getting belly rubs, and going on long walks with her foster family.

Indoors, she’s very attentive to her humans and is eager to please. Outdoors, she’s easily distracted and always on the lookout for critters! Her fosters use treats to redirect her focus. She’s a strong puller and needs a no-pull harness to make walks more manageable.

Lexi is house trained and working on her crate training. Currently, she can spend up to two hours in her crate with a chew toy. She also has inconsistent separation anxiety. Sometimes she’s fine by herself, other times she expresses her feelings by chewing up shoes or other soft items.

Lexi is good with other dogs. She has lived with a cat before coming into care and is currently living with a cat. She’s good with children, but might jump on them if she gets too excited!

This beautiful pup needs an active household that will give her ample daily walks. Ideally 3 walks a day at a minimum of 30 minutes per walk. She is young and she still has a lot to learn. Her family will need to provide training and consistency to help her be the best dog she can be.

Rocky Road Rescue