Lira · Accepting applications

Breed: Shepherd Mix. Age: Approximately 3 years. Energy Level: Medium. ✅Spayed. ✅Up-to-date vaccines

✅Dogs ✅Cats. ✅Kids. Dog savvy and older please!

Oh hi there! I’m Lira and I love hugs. Can I give you one? Did we just become best friends? Yes we did!!!

I’m super cuddly and super fast. I love to relax with you indoors & I love to run outdoors. Best of both worlds, you know?

I’m a goofy gal and keep my foster laughing. I live with two dogs and some cats and some humans and it’s so great. The more the merrier, I say! I do occasionally get intimidated by men so please ensure my family includes a female handler.

I’m a little silly and I like to steal socks. I also try to steal toys when my dog friends aren’t looking teehee. I used to be a big counter surfer but my foster has been helping stop my food thievery. My adopter should continue teaching my basic manners.

I’m okay in my crate I guess. I have a little bit of separation anxiety and I howl sometimes when my foster leaves the house. I just love people so much I sometimes can’t help myself. Because of this, apartment living is not for me. I don’t want your neighbours to be mad!

I’m so excited to meet you and give you a hug so apply today!

Rocky Road Rescue