Breed: Jindo Mix. Age: 9 months. Energy Level: High. Size: Medium

✅Up to date on vaccines & spayed by other rescue.

Medical: Her teeth aren’t great so regular brushing/care would be beneficial.

✅Dogs. ✅Cats. ✅Older kids. 

Adoption Fee: $950

Meet Lua! This energetic girl recently came to us from a shelter in South Korea. Initially shy with people, she is sweet and attentive once she warms up to you.

Lua is smart, with a mischievous spark. Due to her young age, she needs training in all areas. Her foster is currently working on crate and loose leash training. Lua will try on chew on furniture and should be provided with appropriate chew toys and dog puzzles to keep her big brain busy.

Lua does get initially stressed in new environments and does get car sick. Gravol should help with this and with time, she will most likely adjust to riding in a car.

Lua’s ideal family is a high energy one who will include her in lots of fun activities like hiking. A fenced yard would be great but is not a must as long as she is exercised properly. Lua would also love to live with another dog or have regular playdates with friendly, playful dogs. She gains confidence and is happy around other dogs. She is playful and respectful towards them.

If you have the energy to keep up with delightful Lua, apply today!