Breed: Best guess is lab/cattle dog/herding dog mix. Age: 6 years old. Size: Medium [approx. 40 lbs]

✅Dog play dates. Single pet in the house only please! ⛔Cats. ⛔Kids

Energy Level: Medium

Six-year-old Maddi came to us from a shelter in Florida and when she arrived, she was withdrawn and terrified of the world. With the help of a loving and patient foster family, she has come out of her shell and is ready for adoption!

Maddi still needs time to adjust to new people and new environments. She’s been through a tremendous amount of change and deserves compassion and patience. Familiarity with dog body language is also a must.

Maddi is best described as a loving introvert. While her first impression may be aloof, she bonds very quickly and strongly with trustworthy humans. She loves to cuddle and lives for chin scratches.

Previously, Maddi had been known to let out a low growl when she was feeling stressed or overwhelmed; these days she only lets out a grumpy low growl if you wake her up from a deep sleep. Crating her for naps helps her feel happy and relaxed and prevents the issue. She even goes into her crate unprompted when she’s ready for a minute alone. She can be left home alone crated for several hours a day.

While Maddi hasn’t shown signs of separation anxiety, she loves to be included in what her humans are doing, so someone who’s looking for a sweet shadow would be ideal.

Maddi loves to go for long hikes and have playdates with respectful dog friends. She also loves a good game of fetch, although she does like to hang on to the ball occasionally. She is very food motivated and smart. She is trained with various commands, including recall. Maddi enjoys learning and working for her kibble. Hand feeding her is a great way to bond with her.

She is very versatile: she’s happy to be active when you are, or stay in and snuggle when you need a rest day.

Maddi has come a long way in her confidence and is looking for dog savvy adopters willing to seek professional training to help maintain the progress she’s made (recommendations for trainers can be provided if needed!).

Maddi’s ideal physical home will be a quiet one without much human traffic inside. She startles easily when first getting used to an environment so no kids please. She also takes longer to warm up to men so any in the home should be equally as involved in her care to ensure that trust is built.

Maddi is the kind of dog who steals your heart. If you have the patience and compassion to help her adjust to you and your home, we promise that she is more than worth the wait. She is affectionate, sweet, goofy, playful, slightly stubborn, and loyal. Apply for Maddi today if she sounds like your forever dog.