Meadow · Pending meet & greet · Accepting applications

Breed: Shepherd mix. Age: 8 years. ✅Dogs. Slow introductions, please! ✅Cats. ✅Kids. Older only, please! Medical: Tripod. Has arthritis. Supplements needed.

Meadow may be missing a leg, but that doesn’t stop her from living life to the fullest! She loves to run around the backyard in her foster home, then relax by curling up on a lounge chair to watch the birds. Ear rubs are her favourite thing in the world. 

Meadow spent many years at the BETA shelter and is still getting used to living in a house. She has made a few attempts to counter-surf. Her fosters have noted that saying a firm “no” is enough to correct any undesirable behaviours. She is house-trained and her crate-training is coming along well, but she howls if she’s left alone. She sleeps quietly through the night on her dog bed in her foster dads’ bedroom. Her energy level is low-medium. Long walks are a challenge when you’ve only got 3 legs!

Meadow shares her foster home with two other dogs. It took her 2 weeks to get comfortable with her new roommates and not feel the need to growl at them to defend “her” territory but it is now a great relationship! She could live with another dog as long as they’re calm and respectful, but slow and cautious introductions are essential! She has lived with a cat & is cat friendly. We anticipate she would get along well with older children.

 Although Meadow still has a lot to learn, she is smart and eager to please. She respects rules and boundaries once she understands them. She needs a family with the time and patience to work with her on her training needs. If that sounds like you, please fill out an application today!

Rocky Road Rescue