Moose · Pending meet & greet

Breed: Shepherd mix. Age: 3 years old. Medical: None. Energy Level: Medium

✅Dogs. Proper intros please! Special Needs: Escape artist extraordinaire. Please keep me secure at all times!

HI! I’m Moose and I’m pretty sure we’ll be best friends. There’s really no such thing as spending too much time together, don’t you agree?? Pretty sure I got my name from the weird moose sounds I make.

I’ve been told that I’m very good on leash. I do pull a little when I see a dog but I love treats so you could redirect my attention back to you that way – I won’t mind.

I sleep in my crate and stay there when my foster family goes out! I might need to be convinced with treats to get but again I don’t mind. Treats are great, aren’t they?

I am a professional escape artist and pretty proud of it! I have escaped a fully fenced yard twice and now need to be on a long line when outside. I still managed to escape but I couldn’t go very far. I just waited outside of the back gate to be let in. Not by choice but whatcha gonna do when you’re tied down?

I also recently added gardening to my list of hobbies so it would be great if you could teach me to dig in one specific spot or not at all. Or if you don’t mind, I can help you plant!

I do very well in large groups of people – that means more pets and treats for me. My ideal family would be a big one or someone who can give me all of their love.

I’m a goofy, sweet guy who loves to spoon so apply for me if I sound like your new best friend!

Rocky Road Rescue