Nasa · Accepting applications

Age: 10 years old
Breed: Husky
Energy Level: Low to medium
Size: Large, approx 60lbs.
✅Dogs. Yes, please!!
✅Kids. Dog savvy, please!
❓Cats. Untested, not recommended.
Medical: Mild arthritis in his hips and knees.
Special needs: None.

Nasa is a newly retired sled dog now looking for his permanent retirement home! He is a happy-go-lucky kind of dog and is described as easygoing and laid back by his foster mom. He loves to carry things around the house, whether it be his toys, his food bowl, slippers, shampoo bottles and even barbie dolls. He takes great pride in putting things where he thinks they belong. Thankfully, he doesn’t chew or destroy anything. He also loves to sleep with his little teddy bear.

Car rides are always interesting with Nasa, as he likes to sing songs, often completely out of tune, sounding more like a mix between Chewbacca and a howling husky.

He is very food motivated and loves to look at his human eating, hoping that some will fall for him to catch. He loves to be in the kitchen when food is being prepared and considers himself an excellent taste tester.

Nasa is fully crate trained & will choose to lie in it on his own. He is also non-destructive when left uncrated and alone. He is always happy to see his foster mom and will go straight to her, but does not jump or bark.

Nasa is great with other dogs, male or female, little or big. As with most huskies, he does have a high prey drive and may take you for a ride if a squirrel runs by in front of him. Because of this prey drive, cats are not recommended. Nasa is currently living with a 7 year old human and is great with her!

Nasa does pull when walked on a leash. His dedicated foster mom has practiced with him and his leash walking has greatly improved from when he first came into care. Nasa’s adopter should continue with the use of his halti & with positive reinforcement training. Don’t let his age fool you, he loves his walks, although as a result of his mild arthritis, shorter, more frequent walks are recommended. Nasa will also take himself for an adventure if he gets loose so no off leash time for this guy unless in a fully secured area.

He has also shown some resource guarding with his food, toy and personal space (crate or favorite laying spot in the living room). Although this hasn’t happened often, it could happen again in a new home, with another dog. Nasa also loves to be the leader and doesn’t like to wait (he needs to be first, to go outside, to eat, etc). There has been some improvement but his adopter would need to continue working on setting rules, boundaries and limitations so that he doesn’t rule over everyone else (other dogs included).

Nasa would thrive in a household where his humans are home more often (e.g. teleworking or retired). He can live with another calm, well behaved and confident dog. He has learned a lot from his foster brother but could also do well being the only dog in the house. Nasa needs a home where he can feel loved, receive affection but also, a home where his human can dedicate time and energy to help him build confidence as he is still shy with people sometimes and to work on his very minimal quirky habits.

Do you think you can give Nasa a great retirement home? Apply now!

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