Nikky | Available for a foster-to-adopt

Breed: Poodle Mix. Size: Small. Energy: High. ✅Dogs. ✅Cats. ✅Kids. 12+ & dog savvy only please! Medical/Special Needs: Resource guarding. His adoption will come with 5 free training sessions. Regular grooming needed.

Nikky may be middle-aged, but he’s showing no signs of slowing down! He’s full of energy and loves doing agility training and taking daily walks through the woods. He’s very smart and enjoys puzzle toys, snuffle mats and any games that involve hidden treats. He needs an active family to keep him busy and ideally get him involved in canine sports like flyball. 

Nikiky is not a cuddly dog, but curls up close to his foster mom when he wants to be petted. He is not a fan of being picked up or handled. He needs daily grooming to keep his coat looking its best. He has some resource guarding issues which his adopters will need to help him work on. His foster mom is a certified dog trainer and will offer 5 free training lessons to Nikky’s adopter to help the transition. 

He gets along well with other dogs and with cats, but he does have some prey drive when he sees a critter in the woods. For this reason, we would advise caution with other small animals in the house. 

Nikky is crate-trained. He is not 100% house-trained yet – he hasn’t quite mastered the art of letting his humans know when he needs to go outside, which has resulted in a couple of accidents. 

Does Nikky sound like the perfect canine companion to join you on your adventures? Are you willing to work with him to help him be his best self? If so, please fill out a no-obligation adoption application today!

Rocky Road Rescue