Nova | Accepting applications

Breed: Shepherd mix
Age: 8 years
Size: Medium
Energy: Low
Dogs: With patience and proper introductions she might be able to live with another calm/respectful dog.
Kids: N (teenagers would be ok)
Cats: Unknown
Medical/Special needs: As an older gal, she would benefit from supplements to help with arthritis and keep her joints happy/healthy.
Adoption fee: $750
Status: Available / accepting applications

After spending some time in foster care adjusting to life as a pet, sweet Nova is ready to find her forever family! She came to Canada all the way from BETA in Lebanon, one of our international partners. She spent her whole life at a shelter but is finally ready to find a family of her own.

Over all, Nova is a very calm dog. After adjusting to living in her foster home, she now enthusiastically greets her foster mom with kisses and a little dance first thing in the morning! She’s a low energy dog and likes to laze around the house. However she does love her walks and can be more energetic outside – who wouldn’t be when there’s so much to sniff and explore! She does tire out easily though and would not be a good match for a very active family.

Nova’s leash manners have come a long way. She walks politely and sticks close, and doesn’t pull. She’s pretty receptive to commands like “wait”, “come here”, etc. She is still walked with a slip leash and harness as a form of security in case she gets spooked and tries to bolt. She is a flight risk, and her forever family will need to continue using a slip lead as a precautionary measure (she has slipped her collar and harness in the past). Noises that have scared her in the past include: fireworks, loud cars that backfired, loud construction (ie not ordinary/everyday noises).

A little quirk about Nova – she loves to people watch from a distance and often keeps an eye on her foster mom through a mirror! She is crate trained and naps in her crate throughout the day and sleeps in there at night. She is house trained and is not destructive.

She prefers to keep to herself in the house. She hangs out near the front entrance and needs to be brought in/tethered in other areas of the house with people. Nova’s forever family will need to be patient with her as she adjusts to a new home and gains the confidence to explore. They would need to continue working on getting her comfortable in new areas of the house and new environments.

Nova’s ideal home is with a calm, consistent and laid back household in a quieter neighbourhood. A consistent routine does her well. She may be able to live with another dog that is calm and respectful, but proper introductions would need to be made to ensure they get along.

If you think that this sweet gal would make a great addition to her home, please apply today!

Rocky Road Rescue