Meet Patty and Selma, a mother and daughter duo pulled from a Quebec shelter.

Both are up to date on vaccines & spayed.

Patty is approximately 2 years old, while Selma is approximately 4 years old.  Their difference in ages show. Patty is full of typical young husky antics, while Selma exudes a calmer demeanour, although she does get the occasional zoomies. Patty pulls on leash, while Selma walks well with just a collar. A halti or harness is recommended for Patty. No cats please!

Both are crate trained, although Selma can get anxious being away from her people and from Patty. Both have a tendency to chew on things they shouldn’t, so an adopter who is committed to working with these behaviours is a must.

While bonded, Patty can overstep on her mom’s boundaries, and as such, resources such as food should be managed appropriately.

An experienced, or at least very dedicated, adopter is necessary to balance both of these ladies’ needs. If you have the time, energy, and patience to welcome these two into your family, apply today!