Breed: Husky mix
Age: 8 years old
Size: Large [approx. 70lbs]
Dogs: ✅️
Cats: Unknown
Kids: ✅ Dog savvy only, please!

Energy Level: Medium
Medical Needs: This boy would benefit from supplements due to his older age.

Special Needs: Food sensitivity to some proteins so needs lamb and limited ingredient kibble. ✅Neutered. ✅Up-to-date on vaccines

Adoption Fee: $750

Hey, I’m Piston. I retired from dog sledding this past summer and am enjoying the finer things in life, like naps. I also love a thing you humans call “television” and I stare intently at it when it’s on. I recently just discovered a “printer” and whoa, I am amazed. I’m pretty curious to see what you humans will come up with next.

The only human invention I’m not crazy about is a car. Whoa, they’re kind of intimidating. I’m very slowly getting used to them.

While I’m pretty relaxed indoors, there’s nothing that I enjoy more than a good walk outdoors. I’ve been told that I’m a very good hiking buddy. I’m pretty strong [I don’t mean to brag] but I walk well with my gentle leader (halti/head collar).

I’ve recently discovered toys and oh boy are they fun! I very much like to chew on them. Sometimes I put one in my dish to see if it will turn into food.

I’m discovering that humans can also be played with and will play bow to some of them now.

I don’t need to live with a dog but I go regularly to a dog park and I love it so please do this with me. I am gentle with all dogs and have lots of friends, both big and small. I have met children and was great with them too. I pride myself on being a friend to all. If I do live with another dog, that’s great. I have displayed minor resource guarding over food with another dog that I stayed with so please make sure this is managed for me.

While I’m not overly cuddly, I do like to check in on you and ask for some pets. I’m very well crate trained and consider it my “den”. I choose to go in it sometimes for some rest and relaxation.

Do I sound like your guy? I hope so. I’d like a forever home for Christmas.