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Age: 1 year & 4 months. Breed: Mixed. Size: Medium

Medical: None. Special Needs: None. Energy Level: Medium – High

Meet gentle Radar, a friend to all! She recently arrived from Lebanon. Initially found as a puppy wandering around in rough medical shape, Radar grew into the most lovely soul. Her best physical feature is definately her one down & one up set of ears.

Radar as a puppy.

She lives with both a cat & a dog friend and would love to live in a home with other animals! Radar was initially painfully shy and her fur friends have helped her come out of her shell. She also likes to play with her dog friend!

“This is my cat friend.”
“This is my dog friend.”

Radar loves her walks & easily goes for 1.5 – 2 hours per day. She still has energy to burn & loves to play with her toys for about 30 minutes a day. Her ideal family is an active one.

Radar is completely crate trained & considers her crate her safe space. She is crated while her foster is at work.

Radar has come a very long way since first arriving in Canada but a patient family is a must! She is still overwhelmed by new experiences & thrives by having a predictable routine, including familiar walking routes. The 3·3·3 rule/guideline definately applies here!

This little lady has discovered snow for the first time and has morphed into a complete Canadian gal. She loves to play in the snow and would love some winter adventures.

Is this energetic cuddle bug the perfect fit for you & vice versa? Apply today 🙂

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