Ravi · Accepting applications

Breed: Shepherd. Age: 2.5 years Size: Medium (approx 45lbs) Medical: None. Special Needs: None

✅Dogs. Proper introductions please! ✅Kids. 8+ please! ⛔Cats or other small animals

Hi! I’m Ravi and I’m told that I’m pretty awesome. People tend to like my large expressive ears. When I meet them, I sometimes like to roll over for belly rubs. Belly rubs are the best, aren’t they?

I like polite dogs, kids, and chicken! I love my walks & will play with my toys and dog friend at home. I like to share my space and things with others.

Like a typical shepherd, I’m reactive to dogs while I’m on leash. I like to shout “hey what’s your name?” over and over again so I can look a bit intimidating to some. A gentle leader helps to redirect me. I have a very high prey drive so I get very fixated whenever I see a squirrel or other small animal. I will try to pull towards it and not to brag but I’m pretty strong. Familiarity with leash reactivity & my breed would be best!

I have lots of energy for adventures & I’m excellent in the car. I also like to relax and occasionally snuggle when I’m at home.

I’m a great family dog & would prefer to be included in everything you do. If you do have to go out, please crate me as I like to explore the house and see what’s around to play with. You might have to convince me to go into the crate but did I mention I like chicken? Once I’m in there, I’ll wait for you to get home.

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