Breed: Black doodle
Age: 5 months old
Energy: Very High as typical of a puppy
❓Cats, untested
✅Crate training, in progress, going well
❓Kids, untested but likely ok
Medical: Needs to be neutered (this is covered by the rescue)
Status: Accepting applications

Sparrow is a doodle puppy with lots of energy to burn. He is experiencing his chewing phase and loves to put anything and everything in his mouth. This little guy loves to cuddle, so once he’s well exercised, you will be rewarded with lots of loving cuddles.


Sparrow is learning how to be a good boy and his fosters are very diligent about training him. He’s learning crate-training, housetraining, how to behave in the car, proper walking habits, and responding to a stern “no” when doing something he shouldn’t. Overall, he’s eager to please and quick to learn. 

Using a slip & leash, Sparrow currently walks well with his foster brother (side by side). If given the full length of  leash, his high energy takes over! Sparrow has an excellent sense of checking for his foster’s presence as he walks and heels. He gets super alert when he notices other dogs, but has only had positive interactions with them.

He has some funny quirks such as growling and barking at the TV and being nervous of loud noises. He has a profound interest in anyone jogging outside. Perhaps he could be your perfect jogging partner!

Sparrow’s perfect home would be a young family that can handle his high energy with lots of walks, and perhaps a good running mate to burn that energy. Someone with lots of patience and hard work will result in so much joy and love from this sweetie pie. Sparrow is smart and quick to learn, therefore consistent training is key. Ideally his person would spend a good amount of time with him initially to incorporate good habits and behaviour, as well as a stronger bond. A closed-in backyard would be great, as he doesn’t recognize boundaries yet and would love a place to run and play.