Stella · Pending meet & greet

Age: 3 years old. Breed: Shepherd mix. Size: Medium (approx 55lbs) Energy Level: Medium Medical: None. Special Needs: None

✅Kids 8+ ✅Dogs, polite & calm only please!

Oh goodness HI!!! I’m SO excited to be friends. My name is Stella. I greet my foster family with a tippy tap dance because I want them to know how much I love when they come home.

My favourite hobbies included walks, bird watching, and getting attention. I spend hours in the backyard if I can – so many birds, squirrels, and other things to see! I do jump up and paw at you for attention but I’m told this is not polite so I’m learning not to. I’m very good on leash!

I currently live with a dog but I don’t want to play. I’d much rather have all of the human attention or play by myself. If I do have another dog in the house, a calm and respectful one only please! I really my space and I don’t really want to share my human’s affection.

I like to smile with a scrunched up nose when I’m very happy or when I know I’ve done something I shouldn’t! I figure no one can be mad at my toothy grin and I’m always right!

I am crate trained and I’m learning some basic commands. I’m food motivated so continuing my training should be relatively easy.

I do think people are the best so please be home more often than not & include me in any adventure that you can! I can’t wait to meet you!

Rocky Road Rescue